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VW12 dongles - dual platform or not?



I have heard various stories about VW12 dongles being dual platform. What does this mean though in reality? I use Ashlar-Vellum and FormZ software as well as VW. Their licenses let you install software onto both Mac and Windows and move the dongle to whichever machine you need (Ashlar doesn't use dongles but FormZ uses a usb dongle like VW).

Currently with VW you buy a Mac or Windows version and a Mac or Windows dongle. I prefer the FormZ approach!

Perhaps someone can clarify the situation. If it is truly dual platform now, will the v11 usb dongles work cross platfrom or will we need new ones?

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This is a great step forward for both users and VARs! Here we use both Mac and Windows. The ability to switch is ideal and what I am used to with Ashlar and FormZ. It should also make life easier when the new Intel Macs come out and we can run Windows and OSX (natively) on the same machine!

Well done! If only Adobe had the same policy!!

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This is great news. I'm hoping to buy another machine and was going to switch my licence to Mac, but with this news I can still upgrade and know that whatever I use, Mac or Windows I'll have the use of both platforms.

This does not mean I want to try and cheat or do anything illegal, because if I'm reading this correctly I can use the serial number for both and remain legal because the single dongle will only allow one functioning version to be working.



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Thanks for that. What do you mean about "slightly different for Series B license though ?

I'm UK registered, Windows licensed version of VW10.5 with HASP dongle (although it does not look very purple up against my company Mac one) looking to upgrade to VW12, hopefully dual license.

Will the change of policy not count for upgraders is what you are saying, only new licenses of VW12 ?

Please clarify.

Looks a great upgrade by the way and looking forward to it.



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