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installing VW/C4D exchange plugin




I'm a brand new user so i must apologize if my question sounds idiot...


- I'm trying to install the vectorwork/C4D exchange plugin. I've launch the installer (from maxon) it all went fine for C4D. I then have 3 files :.dll .dll and .RSR. I'm instructed to copy them in the VW plugin forlder, so i did it in C:/program files/vw/plug-ins.

- Then i'm suppose to edit my workspade and add the new command that should appear in the left part of the workspace editor under import/export...

I did it but nothing's there...

-Does anybody know if I'm suppose to install the files in some other way (i've hard copied them with copy past in the window's explorer)???

Thanks a lot.

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Before installing the plug ins ensure by looking at the file properties they do not have read only checked. I had not done so and it crashed VW on launch with a runtime error, This only applies to the windows version, and is a side note of caution to your current question.

If you've installed the files in plug ins with these unchecked all should be well.

Did you see the Cinema export command in the left hand pane of your workspace editor and did you drag this over to your right hand pane. You can place it under any menu in the right hand pane but I logicaly put it in the file/export menu.

Close the workspace editor and all should be well.

Another word of caution, and this goes for all plug ins etc. If you edited your workspace whilst in Classic then changed to Standard, or vice versa any plug ins will not show unless you edit your workspace again for that mode.

Hope it helps.


P.S. If you are new to Cinema and want a great source of help and friendly advice join up to this forum. http://www.cgtalk.com/forumdisplay.php?f=47

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Hey Alan, Ray !

Thank you for your replies.

I'm new to both programs as you see. And I just discovered, like 30min ago that my problem is due to the fact that VW11.5 and C4D are no longer compatible !!! (the last comptatible release is VW11)

I must say this is hard news for me as I just invested (more than I can afford) in those two programs... and I dont know what to do now...

Is there anything such as a retrograde option (i'm also experimenting heavy instability problems as the computer keeps on crashing!!!)?

Thank you also for the forum for C4D I'll check it.


Li Mei

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Hey all!

So here it is :

There are 3patches on maxon.net

one for finding R9 (otherwise the plugin installer cannot install)

one for VW11

one for VW11.5.

I've just downloaded and istalled. IT WORKS!!!


Still crashing though...

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Hi Li Mei

Apologies for not pointing out that the two upgrades have made the plug ins out of sync, but I would have thought this had been sorted by now after all both lastest versions have been out some time. I still have Cinema 8.2 and VW10.5 to use at home.

What's the crashing issues you are having, which program ?


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Hi Alan,

Seems that VW11.5 is instable... Patches have been released... I'm not convinces that it makes my program more stable... May be I still haven't installed it correctly...

I've got VW11.5.

I'll let you know if I find any better way to improve that problem... As for now, I just keep file sizes as reasonable s possible (I do use a lot of 3D)...


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Hi Li Mei

If you are using Windows there was a patch release, but I'd have thought buying recently they would be releasing "fixed" versions. As I said I use Vectorworks 10.5 Windows at my home studio, but 11.5 Mac at work studio.

When you say small files, my files are on average 50 meg with more complex models reaching 100 megs without any real problems.

I'll be honest and say I've used Cinema little as yet. I've had issues with my files. The detail was too great, overdetailed would be the best way to describe them, which caused problems for Cinema.

So until I get really proficient with Cinema I'm still using Artlantis as my render program for work.

A simplier model with the right settings achieves the same results. No need to model every last nut and bolt, screw, and button unless its called for of course.

I believe only experience brings an understanding and knowledge of how far to go.

Most users of Vectorworks it seems to me are Architects who rely on the "3D model" to get over the concept of the project/building etc. Its size, location, impact, whilst this serves to springboard, a basis, to build detail with a successful project pitch, into the needed detail required for constructional drawings.

Whilst we would all like to work with just one program I'm becoming more and more of the opinion that my life and my work needs a multi program approach.

Learn more to make it simplier if that makes sense!! With that in mind I eagerly await my boss buying me Sketch Up 5.

Check out the Windows update/patch if that's what platform your running, but ensure you read the installation instructions to ensure it installs correctly.

I'd also consider, depending on your needs that you may find it easier/simplier to model and create some elements in Cinema.

Also remember, anything you do in Cinema keep seperate from the Vectorworks part in the Object Manager of Cinema otherwise when, or if you update the file from VW it will overwrite that part.

All the best


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Alan i agree that to get a good finished model you need to use a few applications for instance i use VW Architects to Model the Main building because you can go into lots of detail. For the surrounding buildings i use sketch Up because it is quick and easy and to render i use Cinema 4D R9 which sets of the model realy well. I have been using Cinema 4D for about a year of and on and find it very easy to render with if i set up the classes in VW right. it is well worth persisting with because it is such a power full tool.

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Hi Chris

No I'm not kidding, but then again we are all entitled to our opinion, based on our circumstances, around the type of business we are involved in and our own experiences.

Whilst the one program for everything sounds great the reality is that certain aspects of any program does not always keep in time with the other improvements.

As Vectorworks grows and wants to appeal to new and well as existing markets some could say it's spreading itself too thin. I don't believe this to be true but say it as an example.

Many have found much to praise in lastest versions of VW but find that Renderworks has not really changed or improved considerably since its introduction. I've seen posts requesting some form of improvement to this program.

I'd say minds and resources, understandably have been focused elsewhere. Other companies who's business it is to produce render programs on the other hand as their main business will be quick to innovate and add new features to keep or increase their market share.

You yourself said "we can't wait till we get most of what we want from one program" so you don't you look elsewhere.

I don't say this is the approach that is suited or needed by all.

Sometimes once you get over the hurdle of learning all that a program has to offer you then begin to realise how best to use it, and how it fits in your business working practises.

So you get an enquiry, a chance to pitch, but its speculative, no win no payment, what do you do? Go all out to win the job, of course, but how much time in hours do you put in for the possible return.

If your choosen approach allows you to produce something quickly and you win the pitch, the income from that job, correctly costed will make allowances for the further work needed to complete it.

But it has to be taken in the context of the jobs value or how commited the client is. When you hear you are one of six companies pitching how seriously do you take the enquiry, and how much time do you spend, work and detail do you put in, unpaid pitching for it.

I guess its more about the type of business we are in and how we choose to run them, and what makes it most profitable.

Most businesses I know use a combination of programs along with a combination of approaches to win business, no one size or model fits all.

My mention of Architects was as an observation as to the majority of VW users and contributors to this Tech Forum, not as one myself or advocating this approach for them.

It was also as an opinion given out to somebody new to VW and Cinema trying to figure out not only how to make the combination work, but also how best to use that combination in their workflow. Again my opinion which others may disagree with.

I'm reminded of an expression I heard about gardening once "the more we learn the more we need to know."

All the best


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Originally posted by Chris Manus:

The real return on investment is from the bread and butter program I use every day...I seem to be dealing with more clients,that have already had the "specialist boutique software treatment" by others ..eg modelling.. renderings..walkthrou.. The bank managers tell us "we dont lend on francy renderings alone anymore? Nail down and justify the costs..." thats now where we're moving to.If its not that evident, wait til rates move a couple of points...HTH

Hi Chris

You state your situation and experience clearly and I don't disagree with a word of what you describe, as being the business experience in your case, but as I said in my post, in my line of work we need to take a different approach, hence my post you responded to.

The chances of my company winning a pitch without using "specialist boutique software treatment" as you call it would be close to zero.

Do I note a hint of contempt, or perhaps of resentment brought about by jobs lost to less professional companies because the "specialist boutique software treatment" presentation was viewed as better, but in fact your proposal was in real terms better, and more accurate.

Don't get me wrong I've had this myself many a time. Coming from a constructional background in to design I know the things I draw and create can be made, but this is not the case for all designers I know.

Clients we work with are not interested in how you put the thing together, most would not even know what they were looking at if you gave them a constructional drawing.

That is not to say we don't know ourselves, far from it. It's just we have to present to them in a manner which they understand. We know and can construct what we propose.

Delmer gets it right, for my line of work its a mixture of flash and substance, "the flash" gets them choosing to use your company and the concept you propose, "the substance" is the price quoted for that design and the final design in reality, which ensures the client pays the bill as quoted.

I guess its true to say we agree to disagree on what is the right approach.

Based on the fact we deal in different industries, but use the same software, well at least Vectorworks anyway, we could both be right.

All the best


[ 06-29-2005, 07:16 PM: Message edited by: alanmac ]

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QUOTE]Hmmm..Funny thing was i had a meeting with a new client yesterday that had, the "Day spa treatment", ie ..a Quick service.. Model..suntan radiosity...and the delux addons..finished off with an oil massage to the wallet area..Do you get my gist?..By the time they hooked up with the builder they just wanted the data..and a redesign.HTH

So by the time they got to the builder they could see what the finished design could potentially look like and that it was not what they wanted.

It gave them a clearer picture as to what they did want from the project and as such could instruct the builder more accurately as to what they needed.

This I guess makes the builders job a lot easier and helps to keep his design development costs down. Sounds like they did a good job in making the builders life easier.

Is that what you mean? ;~)

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Hi Chris

Yes, I think we'll call it a day on any exchange of opinions on this subject, certainly as you say in open forum.

Although I didn't really start the inferences, I understand where you are coming from in your opinions, agreeing or not as the case maybe.

I would like to add this is not an Architects forum but a Vectorworks one, which does have an Architects section, but this isn't it.

I made my comments about multi program use to start with, knowing that using VW and Cinema was about this approach so felt it related.

Granted it appears the majority of VW users, certainly in this forum as a whole seem to be Architects, and I suppose that is what you mean by the comment in your last post.

It's hard enough to ensure you stay in profit and in business whatever you do these days.

I guess any method you use, if it works for you, is ethical and honest and you can stay in business then that's all that matters.

Did go somewhat OT and I apologise to fellow forum readers if they looked at this expecting info on the Cinema plug in.

In light of that, if anybody does decide to buy Cinema make sure you check out Maxon's site for the latest exchange plug in details. I understand for VW11.5 some work is needed to ensure it works correctly. Shame that they did not keep on top of it but I understand it's sorted now.


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Hey Guys,

Back am I after a week of real hard Struggling.

Just may be to share some of my conclusion, as it seems that you've been exchanging a lot, meanwhile I was sorting out my program set up problem...

Well, i finally manage to do some quite nice exchange. I happen to have the latest version of both program.

Up till now, I do have quite a lot of instability problem from VW11.5... I don't know if that more than usual. My program crashes regularly while it comes to : generate DTM models, exporting big files... Other whise I'm very happy, although still needs to learn a LOT!!! I'm working hard on it.

I'm really happy about the DTM modeling from VW Architect, Although it bugs... doesnt work when there are more than a few classes... mixes models... and so on... Yet it still manages to produce HUGE impressive 3D sites.

I've exported those in C4D and mapped the 'picture taken by the satellite' on the site (how do you say that in english???)and it is just amazing.

I don't think Renderwork would ever do that in a near future.

So My opinion is that it is usefull to have multi program. Now only for few things. I think C4D is good for 1 or 2 rendering per project (to help some client that have real difficulties visualizing the project from drawings, and to convince authorities as here in Belgium, we do need to spend some energy convicing the administration...) THEN I'm know studying how to do quick perspective and Sketches with Renderworks, I think that will be more efficient for all the quick views and atmosphere rendering...

I don't know whether my opinion really can help though as I'm only 2 weeks experienced. Yet I've always been multi soft... I'm coming from an Autocad/3Dmax education...

All the best

Li Mei

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Hi Delmer,

I've got Advanced render. Up till now I haven't got something really impressive to show. I'll need to have it by the end of next week though. I'll post it ASAP.

As for now, I regret a little to have choosen Advanced render, as It seems that the basic package would have suffice my needs. If I had to rebuy it, I'd have Sketch and Toon instead or Adv.Render...


Li Mei (that's my first name means the standing rose... :-))

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Sketch and Toon would be one module I'd like to have too. I managed to get Bodypaint as part on a promotion Maxon had at the time of buying C4D.

I'd agree that the basic render program looks very good but my advice to anybody if there is the possibility you'd use most of the add on modules is to buy the Studio set. You would save nearly a third of the price you'd pay for buying each module.

Having said that be aware that Net render only has value if you are doing animation as you can distribute frames across a network, so still images take no advantage from this.

Also some of the other modules are for animation work etc so again if its just stills or the odd walk through the base package would be fine in my opinion.

At the time it was not that much more expensive than say Artlantis but its potential and capabilities so much more, still is!

For me the basic package, with Bodypaint (Photoshop in 3D it's described as)and Sketch and Toon would be the perfect set up, with maybe Advanced Render, although I'd look at Maxwell if I was needing better rendering than what was available from the basic render.

On the other hand if you don't have this sort of money to put down and use a Mac then taking a look at Cheetah 3D may give you an alternative. For under a ?100 it looks really good.



[ 07-05-2005, 04:22 AM: Message edited by: alanmac ]

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