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Network HASP dongle failure to install

Courtenay Inchbald


I am running Windows 2003 Server on a Compaq server with 1.5Gb RAM. The network dongle driver will not install returning the message:

?Installing the Device drivers failed. The error message is:

Failed to start the Aladdin Device Driver.

Failed to start the service in the Service Control Manager Database.?

The dongles (I have two because we have two buildings) lights up when inserted and it is listed in the Device Manager as working properly using driver version 1.29, but the service does not appear in the Services listing, and the key is not displayed in Aladdin Monitor so it cannot be seen by a client machine.

After several attempts at uninstalling and reinstalling, the driver will not now uninstall via the Add/Remove Software window, returning the message "Could not open install.log file"

I have tried, without success, modifying the boot.ini file as suggested by Aladdin's technical support although this recommendation is only for servers with more than 4Gb of RAM.

I have also tried to install the software on my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop. I have had more success in that the driver has installed. However, although both the dongles light up, neither is visible in Aladdin Monitor running on the same machine.

Please help.

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IF they are purple dongles -they are single user dongles. They do not require any additional installation steps asside from putting the dongle in, installing vw, and entering the serial number.

If they are red dongles - they are network dongles and have all the client serial numbers encoded in the dongle. This requires the dongle administrative software to be installed along with the clients having VW and the serial number entered.

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Are the client computers in a different subnet than the computer with the dongles plugged in belong to?

If it's easier for you (it's easier for me), feel free to email me directly with the goings on in this issue. Hopefully, through email, the problem will be resolved much more quickly.

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Hi everyone,

We had a similar problem, and it has been traced down to the Data Execution Prevention feature on the CPU. Looks like the HASP driver installer causes some sort of buffer overflow, or something else that DEP stops. If you turn off the DEP in the BIOS of the computer (it was in Security on a Dell), the HASP drivers should install without difficulty.


Jim Allison

Senior Customer Care

SpeedLine Solutions Inc.


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