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Fresh 10.0.1 install remembers too much!

Rob O'Connell.


Hi -

when I went to install 10.0.1 on win2k (oh how I wish I had a G5 at home 8-) I just installed everything. Then it asked for a dongle, and I realised my license was only good for GL and architect. So I uninstalled and tried to reinstall...but it never asked me this time what portions to install, then installed everything...and I was back to square one, with it asking for the dongle.

I tried again: I uninstalled, then I checked the registry and there were still entries for Nemetschek..I deleted them, rebooted and tried again - but it still remembered!

So - I don't know what to do to a really fresh install...can someone help...



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You have to use add remove programs to remove the VW application.

Then delete the actual VW 10 folder.

You shouldn't be allowed to install components your serial number is not keyed for, unless you have the wrong serial number.

Are you sure the serial number you typed in is the serial number that goes with the dongle?

You won't be able to run VW if the SN and dongle don't match each other.

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Hi - thanks for your quick reply!

I did not just remove the folder - I removed the program using control panel -> remove software.

I don't have a dongle - just serial number, and I checked that plenty of times.

Even if I did type the wrong serial number during install, and I was allowed install components I didn't have serial number for - should I still be able to uninstall and do it all over, completely fresh?The fact remains that there were registry components left after I uninstalled.



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