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10.1 upgrade not finding 10.0.1

Sofia Ames


I am trying to do the 10.1 upgrade, but the installer can't seem to find 10.0.1 (although I have installed it). I looked at the old topics and will follow Katie's instructions of re-installing everything if I have to (ugh! [Frown] this is a pain in the neck). However, I would like to know if this is my only alternative or have you fixed the installer's problem of not being able to follow folder moves (will I have to do this for every upgrade?) And secondly what should I save besides my Workspaces Folder so that I can just start working again in VW and don't have to spend lots of time customizing it again.

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When using the updaters to update a version of vw that was previous updated using a downloaded updater, you need to use the BROWSE button to specify the correct folder.

Go to your program files folder and look at the VW 10 folders.

See what the name of the folder is.

Then open that folder and right click on the application (VectorWorks.exe) and select Properties.

Click on the version tab to see the version.

Verify the version is VW 10.0.1. If it is not, you cannot rum the VW 10.1 updater until your VW is version 10..0.1.

If the version is 10.0.1, when running the updater for VW 10.1, you need to click on the browse button and locate the folder that VW 10.0.1 is installed to. This may still vw VW 10.0.0 rather than 10.0.1

The updaters do NOT change the name of the folder. You need to do so manually.

Only CD installations will give your VW folder the same name as the version of VW.

If you still have problems with this, call us and one of us will walk you thru the steps.

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