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10.0.1 Update not taking



I downloaded VWA 10.0.1 and ran the installer. It said it completed the installation and told me to change the name of the directory [although the installer already renamed the folder] but after I restarted and when I looked at the get info about the application it said it is still VWA 10.0.0.

I really want to update to 10.1 but until this is resolved i can't because the 10.1 updater can't find the 10.0.1 that was supposedly updated.

I'm on a Mac G4 Powerbook running OS 9.2.2 and have Carbon Lib 1.6 installed.


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Vectorworks 10 is in a folder named Vectorworks 10. This folder is in a folder called CAD and is in the Apllications folder on the top layer of the hard drive.

Please note when i run the updater from 10 to 10.0.1

it automatically changes the name of the folder but nothing else.

Perhaps my VectorWorks app is nested in too deep for the installer?

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When running the 10.0.1 updater, you have to specify the exact location where the VW 10 folder is.

Make sure you use the browse button to locate the exact location and set it to harddrive:Applications:CAD:VectorWorks 10

OTherwise, the updater won't be able to update correctly if you don't tell it where Vw 10 is.

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The updater does not give me a option or browser to specify the location. it just says it will install to the hard drive. When I tell it to install the whole process is very fast - maybe 20 secs. - and it tells me the installation was complete , but of course , it still doesn't work.

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I have the same problem with 10.0.1

running OS 9.2.2 on a G3.

Lots of free HD space.

Carbon lib 1.6

Folder "VectorWorks" (without the quotes) was nested in a folder "Applications (Mac OS9)".

Install did not work.

Moved VectorWorks folder out of Apps folder.. Put on top level of HD.

Still doesn't work.

Deleted Vectorwork Installer logs

Deleted Vectorwork preferences.....then had to reenter (name, co, ser no.) when trying again.

Still doesn't work.

Installer does not provide option to select application location.


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I deleted all of Vectorworks. (note need to backup any custom templates etc. somewhere else first).

Then reinstalled 10.0.0. After that Updates 10.0.1 and 10.1.0 worked fine.

Apparently if things have been moved around on the HD, the vectorworks installer log file does not know wher you moved them to and can't find them.

Took less than 10 minutes.

Note: this was the suggestion from tech support on the telephone. Now I'm [smile] ing.

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When I try to update using the 10.0.1 updater from the NNA web site it does not give you the option of which HD/partition to search upon. I have VW10 installed on my OS 9 drive and the updater appears to go searching on the OS X drive and not the OS 9 drive. It does nothing, but says everything is updated. So I can not update to VW10.1


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Did you move the Vw folder or delete the VW installer log files?

If so, you will need to reinstall from the CD and then run the updaters to get everything updated.

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Interestingly enough I still have both log files in the 'documents' folder within 'installer logs' folder. I have moved the application folder back to where the log said it was originally installed. Installer still can not find it......All I can think of now is that the log files must have been floating around somewhere else and have been moved manually into the 'installer logs' folder. Where that might have been is any ones guess. So I guess its time to trash and reinstall from scratch.

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