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9.5.2 Spotlight problems

James M


I saw something similar posted in another area of this forum, but their solution didn't work for me. When I install Spotlight, it installs fine and works fine, except for the Spotlight functions (lighting instruments, truss, etc). In the serial number window, I was going to try adding the serial number again to Spotlight, except Spotlight didn't show up as an option.

I'm not sure if it's a problem with the installation CD or the dongle or my computer. Any suggestions? I'm using Windows 98.

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When installing from the 952 CD, where it says "VectorWorks serial number" enter in your Spotlight serial number. As soon as you start typing the serial number in, the subject will change to VW Spotlight.

If you have RW, enter that serial number as well.

If you have a Foundation serial number, you do not need to enter that serial number at all.

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I have been doing as you suggested, but it's still not working. The installation program has been changing to say Spotlight, but any Spotlight option I click on gets that pop-up of "the plugin tool could not be selected. Check to make sure it is in your "Plugins" directory."

I've noticed that without the dongle, and I go to add serial numbers from within the program, the only option is Vectorworks. When I put in my dongle, the option reads Architect and not Spotlight. Is that normal?

I guess the only other piece of information I can provide that may be of use is that my serial number begins with 6900. Is that the proper beginning for Spotlight?

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James if you take the dongle out, you should go into Demo Mode.

Make sure you installed all of the Spotlight components - you didn't remove the checkmark from any of the install options.

Also make sure you are launching the application from the right place. A good way to try it is to go to the Spotlight 952 folder and double click on the VW application to launch it.

If you are still getting the problem with plugin not found, you need to reinstall. Please remove any part of vectorworks or spotlight from your computer first, empty the trash can, then reinstall from the CD.

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