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9.5.2 download



hello to the wizrd crew,

windows 2000, vw architect9.5.1

i'm tryin' to install the 9.5.2 update. i've sucessfully downloaded the file, as i progress thru the installation when we get to browse i enter; c:\Program Files\VectorWorksARCHITECT9.5.1

this is the location on my computer where the program "resides". i have even typed it in case sensetive, an unatural act for me, and always back to browse. i assume this is pilot error.

help please.

could you give the "exact" display of the destination address so i don't misunderstand.it appears i'm kind of literal when it comes to these things.



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hi katie,

if i hit the browse button, c:\program files is what appears in the destination directory. this box then won't "go away" unili either type something in, click the destination as is, click cancel or or ok. any of these actions results in a return trip to the browse button a.k.a. the destiation directory box. round and round i go.

i could use my magic wand from my earlier problem.

i await your insightful resolution.

yours in confusion,jefferson

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Okay when you hit browse, you should see c:program files listed as a tree-format below that.

Double click on the VW folder to open it. This will set the location to c:\programfiles\vectorworks*

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katie katie katie,you are GOOD!

the tree free format didn't reveal the vw file, but your clues to the DOUBLE DENSE, double clicking that let me get to it, the vw file to open it.the density level on this end is i hope amusing 'cause there'll undoubtedly be greater follies to come.

thank you again!


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I can relate on many things to ya. I'm blonde .. so some of the stupidest things can be difficult to grasp. ... and I get teased about it all the time.

If you can't laugh at yourself, you can't laugh at anyone...

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