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printing with 10.2.1



I have a client with 3 exactly setup G4. I setup all of them. 2 of them have no problem but one doesn't want to print anything from VW 9.5.3.. They are all in the same room and the same network with the same printers.. This G4 can print anything as long it is not VW.

Anything that I should look at? I am at a loss. spent the better part of the day trying to figure this one out

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Well, by definition this means that the 3 machines are not "identical". The trick is find out out why...

As a first course of action, go in to ~/Library/Preferences (where ~ is your home folder) and throw the VectorWorks Preferences file into the trash. This will reset VectorWorks to the factory defaults, and clear your serial number.

If this fails, I would then see if this machine has the same problem printing from MacOS 9.

Please let us know how the printer is hooked up, what model printer it is, and what version of the driver you are using...

Otherwise there are some other standard troubleshooting options you can try.

- Reset PRAM, hold command-option-P-R at startup untill the system repeates the startup chime.

- Create a new MacOS X user account and try to print logged in as that user.

- Check to make sure that both systems have the same fonts installed. There have been a number of cases where a corrupt font has caused isses in VectorWorks for OS X. If you have installed any fonts that did not come with the machine, remove them and see if you can print.

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We are having the same problem with one machine. I did an archive and install and that did not help. He can't print from AppleWorks either though-- so whatever problem there is can't be related just to VectorWorks. He has to "Preview" and then print from Preview.app. A pain. We have yet to enter the next round of troubleshooting. If anything comes up I will follow up with another post.

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