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White Prints Gray



This may be a long explanation of a problem.

I use fill behind text and switch to black and white before printing to PDF to send to print services. No problem in the past.

In a recent meeting I showed up to find that the white fills had printed light gray all over the drawings.

I looked at the default attributes and black/white were actually set to a brightness level of 2% intead of 0%.

On some of my recent projects, this was not a problem, but it may be because on this particular project, I started with the engineer's AutoCad import as a base file. AutoCad does not have a standard color table with pure white (I think.) 255 (autocad's white) is actually a light grey.

This light gray fill is imperceptable on the PDF on the screen and does not print in reductions or on inkjets. Only Print services show this when they postscript the PDF.

Now, my question is this:

Will changing the Default Black/White attributes to 0%, change all of the class fills set to black/white and the preference of Black/White? Could it be this simple?

Just wanted to know befre I send the printer a test.


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"This light gray fill is imperceptable on the PDF on the screen and does not print in reductions or on inkjets"

Change the Gamma & Contrast of the Display for greater white sensitivity.

If you're on Mac then use ColorSync ( accessible via Print>Copies & Pages ) to adjust the print sensitivity prior to export to PDF or printer.

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