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Printing With VW12

John Gr


Hi there listers.

I was wondering if someone could help my with VW12 not printing on my Canon BJC5500.

It looks as VW does not reconise my printer. I can print onto other printers of mine just not the Canon.

I have not experienced this before with older versions.


Win XP

AMD 3000

1GB Ram


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What do you mean that it won't recognize the printer?

Does it not show up in the printers list when going to page setup?

Have you tried to uninstall the printer and reinstall it?

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Thanks for your reply

When I go into page setup and then select printer setup. Select the printer and paper size. Select OK. If I enter value into Hor/Ver the fields clear themselves. Now when I select OK from the Page setup box and select the print command nothing happens. The print spooler does not indicate any document to print. This is not the case when I select another printer.


Printer: Canon BJC5500

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Originally posted by John Gr:

...If I enter value into Hor/Ver the fields clear themselves. ...

I am not sure what you are indicating here. Are you referring to portrait and landscape? There are no "values" for these.

Try printing to PDF and then printing the PDF to your printer.

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I have the same problem....

I have a Canon s4500. One of two things happen.

1. WHen I setup the page setup in the sheet layer I get the same problem, and when I select print - nothing happens, it does not spool - just goes back to the working environment.

2. When I do not change the page setup in the sheet layer, and just select the cannon printer from the Print Dialog. Then it tries to print 4 pages instead of one. But there is nothing on the 4 pages.

Currently I print to PDF and print from there, but would be better if I could print direct to printer.

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For some reason, and this has always happened to me with Vectorworks since 8.5, when I print at my usual size, A3, with everything set correctly the print dialog box shows up as printing 4 pages. I always have to change it and manually enter print "1 of 1" pages, then it prints as it should, one A3 page perfect.

I've never complained because I used the print 1 of 1 workaround and forgot about it, but it is strange when everything is set up for a single A3 page and it shows 4 pages.

Maybe its to do with borders defined within VW.


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The page size should be set to ONE PAGE. You should not change this to other or change the width and height fields. These are specified by the page size selected from the printer minus the margin allowance.

Also, what DPI are the sheets that you are printing from?

If any of you having this problem are using a mac, what do you have set for Application DPI in the Print Dialog box (select VectorWorks from the 3rd drop down box)

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