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multicircuit woes

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Yes and No. They are still individual instruments, with a dimmer, circuit, channel, color, etc, but they move as one unit and are given one unit number and a sub (cell) number for each part.

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This is not working for me either. I am using 10.1.2 PC. I have resorted to grouping my far cycs and moving them that way. I have also had to individually number them. Unless... the unit actually becomes a different symbol and is simply not swapping after the command has been initiated

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I don't know if this helps, but the multicircuit problems I had after upgrading to V10 Spotlight, were solved by double-clicking on the 'Key to Instrumentation' to edit it, and clicking in blank space to de-select everything. For some reason, the KEY TO INSTRUMENTATION command places a key as a group and selects everything in that group. This means that when trying to convert to multicircuit, the command tries to convert the instruments you selected, plus everything in the key to multicircuit - and an error results. Since finding this out, I've had no problems.

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