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Sending a VectorWorks file to get printed to print shop

Andrew Mac


I am running VectorWorks 11.5 and I want to send a file to get printed at a print shop. My questions is what is the best way to send the file. I spoke with the print shop and they said if I just want things printed then I can send it as a plot file. Not quite sure if I can do that from VectorWorks.

Any ideas of the best way to send an electroic file to a print shop to get printed on 24 X 36 ?

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To create a PDF on a Windows platform you will need a third party package that install a "PDF Printer" Several are avaiable from free to expensive: example Adobe's Acrobat (That's the 'full' version, not the Reader)

Another option would be to inquire of your print shop as to what they have for a printer. You could install drivers for that printer on your own computer (that "printer" would of course "print to File" as a port - since to don't acctually have one conected to the Parallel port or what ever). In this circumstance, when you print to this physically-non-existant printer, Windows will ask for a file name. It is that file - and it may be large - that you could send to the printer.

it maybe large enough so as not to be able to be e-mailed. Ask your printer if they have an FTP site for plot file transfers


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