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Job name issue with HP 800 PS



Our HP Designjet 800 PS displays the user name of the person who sent the job rather than the actual file name.

I have contacted HP on this and they have said that it is to do with the way Vectorworks creates the plot files.

Is there some way to set up Vectorworks so that it will send the file name of the drawing as the job title?

We are using Vectorworks 11.5 on G5 dual 1.8ghz machines running Mac OSX 10.3.9.

Any help on this would be apreciated as when we have a lot of jobs going through the printer it is impossible to distinguish one job from another.


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We have the same printer, and this is the way it has worked for us all along, it has always displayed the user name, not the job name.

It would be nice to see the job name, but I guess I never thought about it.

We have always just kept track of the order each user spools the files, and then pulled up the print cue on the plotter to see which user's print was due up next.

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I have found that the plots dont always go through in the order you send them, especially if you are printing 10 or more sheets in one go. In this situation it becomes impossible to keep track of the prints. Its a nightmare if you want to try and do a few reprints.

I tried out a demo of microspot x-rip yesterday and it halved the amount of time it for the print to start coming out of the printer and it displayed the job name in the print que. The plot was very badly pixelated and all the lines were very thick. Im sure this is just a setting I havent got right though...

I would still like to know what Nemetschek have to say on it .

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