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Page setup crashes in VW 9.5 with Tiger

Fred B


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I Have this problem and have found that the problem is with the scripts in my template sheets. to fix the problem i recreated my templates and re-imported the scripts.

So far i have had a hundred percent sucess using this

I hope this helps.

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Sorry thats the only solution i have been able to find. The problem does not happen on all of my older drawings though. If i need to just print something off rather than edit it i print it from a machine still running panther. Good luck sorry i can't be more helpful

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We had the same problem when we recently upgraded from OS 9 to OS 10.4.

If the drawing was created in VW in OS 9 then you first need to clear OS 9 print settings in the file.

There's a vectorscript available for download from the Nemetschek Knowledgebase.

It's a bit easier than rebuilding the drawing file.

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I tried downloading the script but it came up with a vector script error. Would it be alright if you could email it to me. Thanks for the help i have been trying to find a solution for this extremely frustrating problem for ages. Is it Richard of solutions in Brighton that you mentioned in one of you previous post


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