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mac tiger printing problems



Hello All,

This is my first post and thank you in advance for your help. I'm running mac os tiger on one of my office computers and it will not print some of my VW 11.5 files. If I try to print the same file from another computer running mac os 10.3, it works fine. The printer box says the file has been sent successfully, but the HP 5000N printer will not print out the sheets.

Any ideas on how to fix? Is there an VW 11.5 update?

Thanks, Matthew

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Hi Peter,

We recently upgraded to tiger and I dont' think we re-loaded the HP printer drivers. I can print easily from any other application. I'm connected via ethernet. We have 5 macs sharing the printer.

Should I just try to re-load the drivers from the printer CD or download the drivers from the internet?


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Hmm, I guess that depends on how "fresh" the CD version is. My guess would be that a download might work better, as is might be more up-to-date.

FYIW, I do not know much about the 500N, so you might want to talk to the techies prior to attempting a fix. I would start with the support link on HP's website. Good luck :-)

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That may be the case. I just realized that I can print almost all of my VW files from my computer, I just can't print a select few. And I don't seem to know why some files work and others don't. I would think that all files on my computer have access to the same list of fonts.

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I am experiencing the same problem. When I am using a postscript font ? such as univers condensed ? it won't print out. When writing a pdf via acrobat, the font shows as bitmap font. Here's a little work around: before print, hit the 'preview' button. Mac OS X 10.4 creates a pdf, sends it to preview.app, then, once you hit ok, prints it out correctly.

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YOu may want to check your fonts- if some of the files are printing and others aren't, it's likely fonts are to blame.

Either you have a bad font in the fonts directory (and you are trying to use it in your drawing) or the printer is running out of memory when printing these exclusive drawings.

It's easier to troubleshoot the later - to test, in the print dialog box select VectorWorks in the 3rd drop down box. Checkmark rasterize print output.

If the drawing still doesn't print, then it's a font problem.

You can go through the fonts one by one to find the bad one, or download font doctor from versiontracker.com (it's free for 30 days) and have it try to resolve your problem. Please note, the trial version doesn't have all the capabilities of the full blown paid version.

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We have just moved to Tiger as well but are experiencing a different printing issue. Although my print jobs do come out, when in the print screen I cannot use the tab, delete, nor enter keys properly. The Tab key just tabs within the field, not to a new field. The delete key does nothing and the enter key does nothing.

A little help?

Thanks, Brian

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