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PDF problems



Over the years I've had many conflicts between Adobe PDF writer and various versions of Vectorworks. Today I tried to create a PDF to e-mail to a vendor and each of the text characters on one of the layers rotated 90? CCW. The other layer, which had lots of text, was perfect. I also use another PDF creator called "Cute PDF" which sometimes works better. It did work a little better today but still had problems with text. Are there any answers for this or am I the only one?

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I just used PDF995 and it did produce usable results although not perfect. It still has issues with text the same as the others. This program displaces text slightly from where it is on the original but at least it is intelligible. Thanks for the tip. Maybe a little tweaking is in order.

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I remember there being an option to always embed the fonts into the PDF file, which I selected back when I first started using pdf995, so that people who didn't have my fonts installed wouldn't see some other font that their Acrobat Reader substituted when opening the file. Maybe you should do that? Also, I think there was something about Truetype fonts, and for some reason that I can't remember right now I never use anything but Truetype fonts in any software. It might possibly have to do with pdf printing.

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