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rather than alter the layer scales, and all the work that that involves, try the scaling on the page setup or print setup command.

From the Menu Bar choose File > Print Setup (or Page Setup on a Mac)...

On this dialog box you can scale the whole drawing to fit an A3 Drawing. Try a ratio of 42/48 and see if this is close. Of course you may find the drawing border doesn?t fit completely.

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Hi Johnathan,

thank you for your reply. I can get the interior ( ie the actual drawing to scale or fit its the surrounding sheet layout with the boxes full of general titles and who did the drawing and notes which eludes me.

I could send you a file if you wish which might be easier if you have any ideas.

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I have been sent some mcd files to print out and pass on to a colleage.

They are at 1/4 " to one foot and when I open the page set up I see that they were originally set for super B print size.( 33x48 cm). I am unfamiliar with this size and wish to print to iso A3 size on my own printer. I cannot get the printer to print the drawing area plus the Title and surrounding border blocks which appear on the screen but do not print.

These are the "House" layoutborders which have the spaces for scale and notes and all titles etc.

How can I include these in the print area and have them printed with the main drawing although I may need to alter the layer scales to fit on the A3 format.


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