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VW 11 & Epson 2200 printing woes



For several hours now, I have been trying to print to an Epson 2200 at 11x17 in OS X.2. I'm having several troubles:

The first is that I'm trying to print a sheet layer. When I set the print area to 11x17, it tells me I need 4 sheets to print the drawing, whcih is set for an 11x17 sheet. I can manually reduce the size to 10.5x16.25, but that doesn't seem to matter because...

The first time I printed, it worked ok, except I had checked "Print current view only" so it scaled my 11x17 down to fit the print area of an 11x17 sheet, so the scale was completely off, so...

I tried printing just the first of 4 pages at 11x17 with the "print current view only" box unchecked and all that happens is the 2200 spits out severl blank pieces of paper before loading one, which it then decides is not properly ejected, which stops the printer.

I have downloaded the current drivers for the printer as well as gimp-print, but none seem to do the trick. I also have an Espon 1520, but it's not setting up easily.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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After some experimentation, I have determined that it is something in the file rather than the printer-application relationship that is causing the problem. As a workaround for this file, I am making pdfs and printing them, which works just fine and maintains the scale. Thanks for the assistance.


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I use the 2200 several times a day (and twice as much on some Saturdays, because I get more done!).

Try the following:

1) Turn off your printer. Restart the computer. Turn printer back on.

2) Edit Printer List from the print dialog box to get to the Printer Setup Utility. Delete all references to the 2200. Add the Epson 2200, making sure to select Page Setup - Minimize Margins. Sometimes the printer reference gets corrupted, this will clear it. I've occasionally needed to restart the computer at this point.

3) Vectorworks - File - Page Setup. Format for: Epson 2200 (Standard - Minimize Margins). Paper Size: US B (11x17), set rotation to suit. Make sure scale is 100%.

4) Page - Set Print Area. If you're drawing at 11x17, set Print Area to One Page. Check Show Page Breaks.

You will need to adjust your drawing so all the elements fall within the light gray page break lines. Anything outside the break lines will force tiling (multiple pages) unless you rescale. This consistently yields full-scale, reliably printed pages for us. Please repost if you're still having problems.

[ 01-10-2005, 12:38 PM: Message edited by: Travis ]

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