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Why better print-outs with OS 9.22 and NOT with OS X Panther 10.3.7

Walther in Europe ( Mac us


Situation : Drawing made with VW 9.5 ( we used the same drawing for the tests )

Prints with OS 9.22 VW 9.53 > perfect rounds, perfect dashed lines

Prints with OS 9.22 VW 11. > perfect rounds, perfect dashed lines

Prints with OS 10.3.7 VW 9.53 >imperfect rounds, imperfect dashed lines

Prints with OS 10.3.6 VW 11. imperfect rounds, imperfect dashed lines

Prints with OS 10.3.7 VW 10.5 EDU > imperfect rounds, imperfect dashed lines, awful drawings. [Mad]

Test done with different printers : XEROX TEKTRONIX A4 and HP A3 Colour ( 2 weeks old ).

Tested with G4 933 MHz, G4 733 MHz, iBook G3 12" 600 MHz and Powerbook G4 15" 1,33 MHz. Same results !

What is wrong between VectorWorks 9.53 or 11.0.1 and OS X Panther 10.3.6 ?


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It's an issue with OS 10, not VW. Hopefully this will be addressed in OS 10.4, but there is no confirmation until the final OS 10.4 is released publically.

You can check mark print as raster to resolve the problem.

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You people should not be sitting on your backsides 'hoping' that Apple will fix the problem with Tiger.

If Apple will not commit to fixing the problem then NNA must! To not do so would be commercial suicide.

This is a real issue which needs to be addressed immediately. If NNA, with its Apple user base, cannot get Apple to realise ithe gravity of this problem then you have to solve the problem yourselves. If this means developing and/or buying your own printer drivers then do it.

This is like the issue with the OIP delay which Apple won't guarantee to fix - we users don't care what the problem is we just want it fixed.

The ball is in your court NNA! Deal with it.

[ 12-19-2004, 04:43 AM: Message edited by: mike m oz ]

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