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problems mirroring & unit numbers

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Well, I can't really believe the amount of comment my little problem has caused. I am hopeful that this problem can be fixed in future versions of Spotlight, especially now so many people have commented on having the same problem. I appreciate that Nemetschek does not have to directly reply to posts on this board, but by monitoring it they can surely see what issues are important to users. One of the main reasons for me to draw using Vectorworks is the speed and ease of drawing a plot , and issues like this are dull as they slow down the drawing process. Mirroring is such an important part of CAD drawing that hopefully this problem will be fixed soon. I still look forward to this board being a very useful tool for like-minded users to share information and compare techniques to aid everyone's drafting of lighting plots, and help solve problems.

Now, if we can only get them to make editable worksheets sort by more than one category, then maybe I wouldn't rely on Lightwright as much!

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Worksheets, another issue, but for me I would rather have them leave those things to the people whose business it is IE LightWright to do worksheets, and concentrate on the important stuff, like making it the best lighting drafting program. Doing worksheets is a little like trying to come up with another operating system to compete with Microsoft - not much chance and why bother since pretty much everyone uses Microsoft [smile]

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Everyone except this Mac user! I totally agree that Lightwright is the way to go. But if the editable worksheets could sort by Position and Unit number, I wouldn't have to exit the program to quickly enter basic channel, colour, purpose and gobo information.

My real dream is that one day, when I refresh instruments, the program realizes when lights have shifted so the position info updates.

As yet I continue to dream....

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That has been suggested before but I think the response was that it would really slow down the program if it had to go and check every instrument and compare it to the position info. All other info is in the label legend and can be udated much more quickly. I think that was the problem. It was awhile ago this was going around the postings and I don't know if with V10 that is an issue anymore. It would be a nice help not having to go into the "Find and Modify" pallet to update the positions of instruments when they are moved.

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