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I've done some testing and from that I may see what you are saying but I think it's your intepretation of what you expect that's causing the problem.

As I've said I use only black but to try your theory I changed some elements of my drawing to red and blue.

Hit the print button, selected 995pdf to print it but before I did I went to properties for that printer and made sure it was on the B&W button. The pdf created was black and white !

The blue elements were black but the red looked grey. Then it struck me. It is B&W but it's in greyscale, as if printing a black and white print. A black and white photograph is not just that, it's tones of black between the white.

So it is with this. Depending on the colours in your drawing gives a toned result accordingly.

If you look in the properties of the printer, any printer on windows the button to press for B&W printing has a series of litte icons in it, notice they show patterns and various grey tones.

If you want to guarantee solid black, select all change pen colour to black, send to pdf. Once created hit undo and your colours are back.

Hope this explanation helps to stop this doing your head in.


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The main problem trying to change all the colors to black is when there are several groups or symbols. They do not change readily.

I wonder if there is a setting in VW that could be easily modified to "virtually" change pen colors so the drawing would not need to be modified.

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