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"Over sized" Printing



Hey. I searched the archives and couldn't find an answer, so I hope this hasn't already been asked.

I am trying to print a Light Plot for a class project on an HP 500ps. Everything shows fine on the screen, but when I plot, certain objects don't print. Some of the lights will, while others don't. Some channel bubbles print, while others don't, but the text in them do. I have checked layer and object settings between objects that do print, and those that don't. They match. I have isolated the problem to the paper size. If I set the paper size to 36 x 55, everything appears correctly. As soon as i make it 36 x 60 (or anything larger than 55) some of the objects stop showing up. Is there a paper size limitation to VectorWorks? I have tried using a different plotter, and the problem still occurred, so I don't think it's a plotter driver issue. I've tried plotting on a 500ps, and a 750c. Neither works. When I print to PDF, it also shows incorrectly.

I'm using VW 11.0.1 on a OS 10.3.5. I tried dropping the file to 10.0.1, but that didn't seem to help either.

Anyone have any ideas? [Confused]

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We've tested the limits of print size for our shop templates. I learned from Epson that MacOS has some inherent limitations related to both the physical dimensions and the density/complexity. I don't now recall the numbers they gave us, but perhaps that's what you're up against. For example, we can print a simple outline up to 84" x 24", but it breaks (won't print at all) at 84-1/2".

When you print to PDF, make sure you've set it to 300dpi (NOT the default 360) under the Vectorworks pulldown in the print dialog box. Regretfully, a good PDF may still not print if it's an OS limitation.

Perhaps others with direct HP experience will have better suggestions. Good luck.

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