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printing problems



Having upgraded our o.s from win98 to xp and upgraded from vectorworks v.8.5 to v.11 we are having difficulty plotting some of the patterns from the new created drawing from v.8. Where we have a stippled pattern or hatch this now prints solid black. We are using a Designjet430 -help!

Printing the v.8 drawings in v.8 are still o.k

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Right click on the desktop

Select Properties

Click on the Settings tab

Click on the Advanced button

Click on the Driver Tab

You should see the driver manufacturer and model listed there.

CLick on the properties button and then click on the Driver tab. You should see the driver version listed.

Take the manufacturer name and go to their website and check for the latest version of drivers.

A more recent driver version will be the higher number.

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i am confused. i don't see any printer driver but GEFORCE NIDIA driver.

i'm asking because i am having problem printing to my hp deskject 1220c directly from vectorworks 11.0. 1 . the file is just 8 1/2 x 11 and the error says about runtime error.

my os is xphome.

i didn't the problem previously in vw 10.5 on 11 x17.

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