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Not all patterns printing



We are running VW 10.5.1 on OS 10.3.4 with gimp print v4.2.7. I am able to properly print all drawings, however other machines in the office are unable to print some patterns (stipple and diagonal hatch for example).

Our plotters are both HP 430 running through jet direct boxes. Does anybody have any suggestions or remedies?

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Yes, I can print any file just fine from my computer. The same file will not print patterns, as noted above, when printed from another computer in the office.

I have the same OS, same version of Vectorworks and same version of gimp print on all the subject machines.

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Did this issue ever get resolved?

I've seen the post concerning NOT using pattern fills at all, but sometimes we go back to older files with fill patterns.

One machine (using easysw's easyprintpro) is able to print all fill patterns properly. The second (using gimp-print) are not able to print fill patterns that are not on the first row of the fill pattern palatte.

Any ideas?

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how strange can it be. we tried to print simple coloured drawing (VW 10.5/OSX3.8/HP800 PS) with pattern. first print no raster visible, swell. next print visible raster (remember macpaint) and the third print turned out blank with only one small part printed. when we rotate the drawing it prints more -but still not everything.


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