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White text on black background when printing

Stuart Child


Dear Sir or Madam,

I have read a number of the threads relating to this and or similar problems on the discussion areas. Below I have listed our computer set up and the problems experienced.

Typical PC and software specification:


Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 1 (with all current updates)

Vectorworks 10.5

Printing to HP Designjet 500PS

Ram 512MB

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.40GHz

Problem 1.


On one computer when printing it will randomly print white text on a black background, (around 30% chance of occurance). We are working around this by printing using Vectorworks Viewer 10.5 which prints the drawings fine.

Problem 2.


First occurance on a different machine in the office today of the same problem. The problem appeared to be caused in this instance as follows:

1. I send the drawing to print on HP Designjet 500PS.

2. The small Vectorworks printing dialogue box appears in the centre of the screen.

3. A larger HP Designjet 500PS Spooling dialogue box opened on the screen and begins to send to the HP Designjet.

4. The small Vectorworks printing dialogue box disappears.

5. The HP Designjet Spooling changes to Printing.

6. I then clicked back to Vectorworks to print either the same or a different sheet.

7. Again the small Vectorworks printing dialogue appears, a new spooling dialogue appears but so does the printing dialogue for the first print (which was still being processed).

The outcome is the first print will have white text on a black background. The second print, if left to print without repeating steps 3-6 above, will then print okay. Also if I print just one drawing and wait Vectorworks printing dialogue and the HP spooling and printing dialogue boxes to close it prints fine.

Any advice or comments to resolve then problems?

Kind regards


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I am having the same problems, and then some. I am not sure that we are all experiencing quite the same problem, so I have scanned in an image from a plot with this problem...


Problems with this plot:

Black boxes on text.

Circles with crosses also have inverted colors.

Oddity that only some of the text is blacked, the unblacked text box is on a different layer.

[ 06-22-2004, 06:10 PM: Message edited by: Andrea B. ]

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HPDJ 500

PC with Windows XP

VW 10.1

As with others, it doesn't plot like this every time. I have wondered how I would recreate this phenomenon, and the inverted color text boxes seem easier than the transparency of the cross hairs. Those are actually motor placement symbols. I find it very odd that where they are above an object on a different layer, the crosshair and circle change color. FYI the circle, cross and text are grouped together on the same layer.

The red rectangle with text is on a different layer, and is unaffected. The Title block is also unaffected.

[ 06-23-2004, 01:02 PM: Message edited by: Andrea B. ]

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That's wierd. That driver version should have fixed the problem.

We have a 500 here on load from HP. Can you please send the file to me so I can test print it?


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It is difficult to convince my employer to send out our files... sorry.

On a hopefully lighter note, we have VW 11 in the box ready to install as soon as I get the current project done in 10!

Since this problem seems to be random I am going to pray that it all plots well, and move on to 11, rather than beat the dead horse as the saying goes...

Thanks though, I do appreciate the help.

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We also have the problems of Black texts on VW +Designjet 500 (on W2K, WXP and W98)

We upgrade the driver as you mention (5.35) and the result is always the same... sometimes ok, sometimes black boxes...

I'm very doubtfull that it's a HP problem as katie mentionned in and other thread, since the same driver works correctly with all the other applications (CAD or DPT) we try... and it seems that it was ok before the 8.5

Who will solve that ?...

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