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Diagonal Line Thickness Issue Solved!



I want to thank whoever was responsible for the new "RASTERIZE OUTPUT" option in version 11. Although it does make output a little slower, it SOLVES THE PROBLEM of diagonals printing thicker than their vertical & horizontal counterparts. In my case, with a DJ 230, using GIMP PRINT, I also needed to change the gamma setting (lowered from .65 to .50) to make the prints a bit darker as the rasterize option seems to make them lighter. In any case, thanks, thanks thanks! I take back everyting I ever said. OK not everything....

Peter Cipes

Residential Designer

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Mac OS 10.3.4 /VW's 11/ HP DJ 230 / GIMPPRINT

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The rasterized option was available in VW 10.5.0 and later.

I am fairly certain I've explained that this option alleviates the problem on the board before .. but it could have easily been my memory of dozens of support emails I've written up... it all blurs together at this point. =)

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In case anybody has continued having issues with this since 2004, I wanted to mention a fix I just found. Sadly, we are still using 10.5 (on mac), so for any other users with cobwebs on their software, this may help.

We had no success with the "rasterize print output" in the "vectorworks" print options dropdown menu, which was the fix mentioned above. However, in the "output" dropdown menu, if you check "save to file" and then select postscript instead of pdf, the resulting file (which will convert to a pdf when opened) is produced with a "round pen", with consistent weights for diagonals and curves. At least, that's our experience.

hope this helps.


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