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prints disappear into thin air

aidlin darling


I have VWorks 10.5, on Mac OSX.

I'm running it on a Powerbook G4, printing to HP Laserjet 5100tn and to HP Laserjet 4mv, across ethernet network.

Yesterday I printed my files to 11x17 format no problem.

Today, when I send them they vanish--and never print. Sometimes they show up in the printer monitor, status "starting printing," then they disappear, and don't print.

This has happened to me a couple times before. Once a file has this problem, I have never successfully printed it from my machine again. But, when I open the same file on another machine in the same network, I can print it fine. This happens to both printers. I have never had this problem with any other application--only with VWorks.

I've tried reinstalling the application, but just by copying over from another location. That doesn't seem to be a clean install (doesn't lose preferences or serial numbers), but I haven't yet found instructions to uninstall VWorks so I can start over. I have done permission repair under OSX.

Any tips on clean reinstall and/or other printer troubleshooting?

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I am using n XP machine with VW 11. I am unable to print large plots with an HP 500. I export to DWG and open in Autocad 2005 LT and they print fine. I print from Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop to the same printer and they print fine also. I was experiencing this problem with VW 10 then downloaded 10.5 and it went away. Do you anticipate a patch soon?

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