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Acrobat color is off

Andy Kovach


MacOS 9.2.2 VW 10.5.1

When printing to PDF with adobe acrobat 5, I can't get colors to print correctly. They're not just a little bit off. They're wildly different. Its as if the color pallet were reduced to just a few instead of the usual 256. And while this is not a big deal if I'm sending a gray scale print job to the print shop, I can't show color renderings to clients.

I didn't have this problem When using OS 9.0.1 and VW 8.5

see my post re: faxSTF for additional printing troubles.

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No change

Set print resolution to 300 dpi

printer specific resolution to 1200 dpi

here's a link to a shared folder with a sample VW10.5 file and a PDF of same Click the folder: VW10.5 PDF Color Problem


You'll need to download then unstuff to view.

The other folders contain pdfs and movies that were generated succesfully with VW8.5 under Mac system 9.0.1

BTW the Acrobat version is 5.0.5

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Hmmm. I viewed the PDF on a PC and like you see no difference. The curious thing is that, if I create the PDF with PrintoPDF the color display is correct on my mac. I use acrobat to view all PDFs. So I don't expect its the viewer nor my monitor display settings. There was no problem with Acrobat color rendition before upgrading the OS to 9.2.2 from 9.0.1 and VectorWorks to 10.5.x from 8.5.

What platform/operating system are you using?

I've added a couple of screen shots (simple text) that show what I see. Here's list of differences of VW w/ renderworks final shaded vs Acrobat PDF

VW Tree limbs brown--PDF Tree limbs orange

VW Parapet 2 tones of brown---PDF orange and rust

VW OH door white w/ brown trim--- PDF OH door turquoise w/ orange trim

VW Truck eggplant---PDF Truck is red

In the PDF there is a turquoise cast to the siding

click link to download


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Problem solved

its a Mac problem that also causes finder buttond to display improperly.

here's the fix:

Open system prefs, change the monitor color settings for both crts to generic,closed system prefs, restarted finder then all was normal. PDFs created in vectorworks display properly. Web images from my favorite blogs are correct as well.

This has worked for about an hour now.

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