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HP Designjet 430 plots: margin problems



With PC based VW, all versions inc 8-10.5, I have the same problem. My plots of all sizes are given a huge 1" plus margin at the right and top. I have worked around by resetting the plot size to much less than 24 x 36 (22 x 34). These wind up being centered but have big margins of course.

However, 1/2 size plots dont work as they are always pushed off the page by those huge margins. I have looked into the printer driver and VW to fix-no luck. VW techs tell me to talk to HP and HP says talk to VW.

Anybody know how to deal with this?

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I'm not sure if I have an answer, but I do have an HP 430. I haven't seen the problems you are describing, VW 8-10.5, Windows 98-XP Pro. I have a margin of about 5/8" on the 36" side and 1/4" on the 24" side. Here is my print setup. For printing half size plots I scale the whole drawing 50% and choose the correct page size and orientation.



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