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How to print to HP DJ500PS in Mac OS X Panther



The following steps will allow you to print from Mac OS X 10.3 Panther to a HP DesignJet 500PS printer-no RIP software is required, and it prints IMMEDIATELY:

Step 1: Download the "DesignJet 500PS" driver from http://www.buymelunch.com/printing/ , and install. The driver is listed as working for Jaguar-in this case, it works for Panther as well. When you installed Panther, you may have installed the GimpPrint drivers (custom install). If you did not do this, install the "GimpPrintPrinterDrivers" package now from the Panther Install Disc 2, located in the "Packages" folder. If "for some reason" you cannot find your install discs for Panther, send a nice email to: richard@stasisdesigngroup.com and I will see what I can do. Gimp-Print is open-source software, so there should not be a problem with sharing. (See http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/p_Documentation.php3 for additional info.)

Step 2: Open the Printer Setup Utility (in Applications/Utilities/)-you should be looking at the "Printer List" window. While pressing the "option" key, click on the "Add" button. This will enable an "Advanced" item in the topmost pull-down. Select "Advanced" (at the very bottom). At some point, the Print Utility checked for new drivers-let it do this so that it will find the new driver that you just installed. In the "Device" pull-down, select "DesignJet 500PS". The "Device Name" box should name itself and input the device URL (the printer is on & the USB cable is plugged in, right?). At the "Printer Model" pull-down, select "HP", and find your printer in the box below. Highlight the model that you have-mine was "DesignJet 500PS (42 inch), Tyler B + buymelunch.org". Click the "Add" button.

Step 3: In VectorWorks, select "DesignJet 500PS" in "Page Setup" and go from there as you normally would. Some hints: I had to jockey around with some custom paper sizes to get everything printing exactly as I wanted. If the edges of your drawing are being cropped, add a 1/2" or so to the paper size. To get true black & white printing, I select the "Black And White Only" box in VectorWorks' Document Preferences before printing. I also adjusted some of the thinner line weights that I felt were printing a little too heavy.

Step 4: Go back to http://www.buymelunch.com and buy Tyler Blessing some lunch for writing the driver for us!

If you get stuck, email me at the above address, & I will try my best to help you out. Sorry, I don't check this board frequently-only when I need some help!

Thanks to Tyler-you rock!! [Cool]

No thanks to HP for their absolutely HORRIBLE lack of Mac support for this expensive printer.

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