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Can't Print Files Longer Than 55"



When printing anything over 55? the file spools very quickly and then disappears. We have tried the following to resolve this issue:

  • Upgrading to 10.5 (one user only)
  • Eliminating layers
  • Importing layers into a new file
  • Using different workstations (PCs and Macs running 10.1.2)
  • Validating file with VectorScript and then importing them through Workgroup References (if errors appear)
  • Uninstall VW 10.5 and reinstalling 10.1.2

Here is some information on the type of systems being used.


Dell Precision Workstation

Zeon 2.2GHz processor or higher


Windows 2000 w/SP 4


Plotter : HP 1055 CM


PowerMac G4

400 MHz

712 RAM

OS X 10.2.8

Plotter: HP 1055CM

During the course of our trouble shooting we were able to print 105" by changing our custom color pallet back to default. However, we were only able to get the file to print once.

Any other issue occurs when printing out PDFs. The image does not print out correctly. If set to horizontal, the image prints out vertically.

Anyone have any suggestions or experience similar problems?

Kindest regards,



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Hi All,

I've got a few related questions:

Does the plot length limit of 125" refer specifically to raster based inkjet printing through Windows? (In my experience, pen plotters do not have such a limit.)

Does plotting using HPGL on an inkjet plotter overcome this limit?

Are there print drivers (even if unsupported by Microsoft and other application vendors) that circumvent this limit?



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KNowledge Base Article 179 explains this:


Is there a limitation to page length when printing?

I cannot print longer than a certain page length.



The page length and width are limited to short integer space. This means 32768 pixels. Pixels/dpi = inches, so this means:

32768 /72dpi = 455 inches

32768 /300dpi = 109 inches

32768 /360dpi = 91 inches

32768 /600dpi = 54 inches

That's the imaging implementation limit. The limit in the set print area dialog is just arbitrary.

*Windows has a maximum length of 125" no matter what the DPI is set to.

The Knowledge Base can be found at the following location:


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What driver version do you have installed?

It sounds like you are using the AutoCad driver, which would definately cause these types of problems.

The PDF problem - what PDF creator software are you using?

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Someone please help me out here ....

The specs for many inkjet plotters from Epson and HP indicate maximum print length considerably LONGER than 125", though they are not specific about which operating system allows such a length

Why would the specs for these plotters indicate print lengths such as much as100ft if the OS does not allow this?



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