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deskjet 1220c A3 print problem



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The problem occurs when I go from 300 dpi to 2500 dpi. The page set-up will "stick" at the lower resolutions but geos to 8-1/2"x11" (or A4 depending on the default for the prointer) at any higher resolution. 720 dpi also seems to be okay, with the value entered from the keyboard.

With plain paper, set at "best" mode all of the prints look nearly the same and none of them are pretty. The 720 dpi print does look marginally better but is still not as sharp as it should be (a far cry form the 720 dpi prints in older versions of VW in OS 9 that I was getting from a Epson 2000P).

On a hunch, I went about testing a change with the print quality as defined by the HP driver. What I learned is (on the same paper) setting my print media to a type that would make available the setting "high resolution" (in this case I used "HP proofing media") the quality of the print improves dramatically at 300 dpi.

It looks as sharp as anything I have ever printed from VW and the speed at which it is printing (an indicator on the 120nr of quality) has slowed to a crawl. ;-)

Bottom line: higher HP print quality setting imporves print qaulity more than higher dpi in Vectorworks setting. 2500 dpi Vectorworks setting breaks page set-up.



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