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Designjet 755CM Problems



With a recent upgrade to VW 10.5 and to OS X 10.2.6 I have found that my once perfect prints are now not so perfect. I have tried the demo version of X-Rip and I have installed Gimp-Print, neither have helped.

In VW I have a page set to Arch D size in the landscape format. This is a paper size of 36" wide by 24" tall. When I exit page setup the heavy grey line that denotes the print area looks as it should. However, upon printing my plot has been rotated 90 degrees and I get a sheet that is 36" x 36".

Of course everything is printing, but I am wasting a tremendous amount of resources with this 12" x 36" strip of unused premium bond that I must cut away. With the volume of prints that we generate, this could get very expensive.

I have tried custom paper sizes, I have tried every print setting available, I have tried just about everything I can think of to try. Has anyone here had a similar experience or know of a solution? I'd REALLY like to hear from you.



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I forgot you were on a Mac when you posted it.

Sorry about that.

Have you tried to download the PPD file from HP.com and use that ?

Are you using a custom page size or are you select Arch D as the paper size in Page Setup?

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Oddly at HP.COM's troubleshooting section they show auto-rotate in the FINISHING pull-down on Mac OS X. I just can't seem to discover it on my system.

I have tried HP's drivers as well. I get the same results as with X-Rip and Gimp. I have tried custom sizes as well as ARCH D. So far ARCH D is the setting that works "best".

A coworker that runs VW on a Windows machine was able to print just fine to the same plotter. BUT, then she installed ACAD in order to read other people's files and downloaded HP's AutoCAD Optimized drivers. Now she is experiencing the same VW plot issues I am (except on the Win98 platform).

This is a very perplexing situation. I tried a plot in Acrobat and I end up with the same results, so it seems to me it is a HP issue, not software (VW) specific.


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That would make sense if the AC driver replaced the drivers on your machine in Print Center for that printer. AC print drivers are NOT designed to be used with programs outside of AC.

If there is only one option for the 755 in print center, that is probably the case.

We have a 755 here and it prints fine with the HP drivers.

Gimp Print isn't bad, but it has limitations with varous printers.

I don't have X RIP and that has it's own set of limitations as well.

If I were you, I'd delete the printer setup in Print Center for the 755.

When you reinstall it, make sure it uses the HP PPD file and not any of the other's.

Try to do a print preview in a new VW doc with just a rectangle and see how it lays out. If it's rotated still, you'll see it rotated in the preview window.

If it is still rotated, contact tech support and have them email you the clear print settings script to see if that resolves the problem.

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Actually I've done everything you just suggested. Deleted the printer, added it with HP's PPD, previewed it (looks fine but prints rotated), and I've been in contact with tech support. They did provide me with the clear print settings script and it didn't change a thing.

As I said before, very perplexing. Thanks for taking the time to respond on this issue. Perhaps we will evantually figure it out...


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It still sounds like one of the other drivers is being used for the printer, especially since the problem is not duplicatable in house.

When you ran the script, did you draw something in the file, delete it, save the file and then set up all the print information again?

If you didn't, you may want to try that.

You may also want to download print center repair at versiontracker.com and have it check for corrupt ppd or printer setup files.

It's free for a trial period I believe.


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