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draw the right beam

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I define a focus point, i select a lamp and define it's focus point, and click the draw beam. What i get is 2 cones, one inside the other that relate to the beam and field values of light info record of that lamp.

Now, if i want the lamp to cover a specific area and have a drawing of it. i would have to edit the symbol's light info record in the resource palette and apply that new info to the lamp i'm working on, shouldn't i? but then the base values of that instrument are changed for every new usage of that light symbol, is it not?

so how do i focus ( point and ajust the beam) for each lamp? and i hope your not going to tell me it's with the gobo projecter thing

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The symbol defines the beam and field angle. In order to adjust the beam and field angle you have to edit the symbol and make the change globaly. If you want to have a different beam and field angle for a fixture you will need to create a new symbol.

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that is what i had understood. i feel reassured that my comprehension of english is not that bad.

let say that i have an FOH made up of 24 zoom units, 6 for a cool wash (3*2), 6 for a warm wash, a pair of 3 at each end for a fan across stage and 6 specials. that means that i need at least 11 edited duplicates of that instrument to see if my focus intentions are sound. to me, it would be much more efficient and labour saving if i could access the ins.and resize the beam directly.any chance of this being added to the wish list?

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