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Rendering Custom Gobos


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I've got a couple of custom gobos (JPEG images) that are breaking up when I render them- specifically, there's a white pool of light where the gobo should be, but the edges look like op art.... I've tried just about every custom renderworks option (recursion, anti-aliasing, rendering level,etc), reducing the JPEG file size, and no luck. Any ideas?

There are some gobos I can see (i.e. venetian blinds), but it's very inconsistant with some I'm creating.

BTW- I'm on OS X.2.4, VW 10.1, Powerbook G4- 800Mhz/Gig RAM

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Make sure that your image size is 2" x 2".

Begin with these rendering settings:

Detail : Low

Use Shadows : ON

Shadow Mapped Shadows : ON

Use Ray Tracing : ON

Recursion Level : 2

Use Textures : ON

Use Transparency : ON

Use Anti-Aliasing : ON


Also try using a different file format. I have found a few source files that worked better if they were .tiff or .gif.

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