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VW 10.1.2 / WinXP Pro/ PDF Issues



Help! In Arch D size & larger, which is my standard size, the pdf is stripped of all text completely and the image appears to be moved to the left with both right & left sides cropped off. Graphics appear to be normal.

My machine specs are as follows:

WinXP Pro

Intel 3.0Ghz

800 FSB

2 GB?s RAM

NVidia 5900 Ultra 256MB video card

Sony GDM-FW900 24" Monitor

Brother MFC-9700 Multi-Function Laser Printer (Default normally and in VW)

Vectorworks 10.1.2 Architect

Adobe Acrobat 6.0

Note that this is a 1 month old machine, however I had the identical problems on an older win98 machine.

Having spent many hours now trying to resolve this issue, including a lot of time on the phone with Adobe Technical Support, here is what I have learned.

1. There is no such thing as PDF Writer in Adobe 6.0. It has been replaced by ?Adobe PDF?, which is actually run by the Adobe Distiller software engine. The following is text from the Adobe website: ?The main difference between PDFWriter and Distiller is that in version 6.0 Distiller still exists (albeit with a new name, ?Adobe PDF?) but PDFWriter doesn't.?

2. In Adobe 6.0, it is not possible to install an ?Adobe Distiller? printer unless you simply rename the Adobe PDF printer. However it is no different.

3. In VW 10.1.2, Adobe 5.0 doesn?t work for ARCH D size sheets in either PDF Writer or Distiller. In fact, PDF Writer is not designed to handle large format work. In VW 8.52, Adobe 5.0?s Distiller works fine.

4. I am able to print PDF?s using VW 10.1.2 & Acrobat 6.0 fine in the following sizes: Arch A & Arch C. In Arch B, although it prints all text, it prints out an 8.5 x 11 size (Arch A).

5. In Arch D size & larger, which is my standard size, the pdf is stripped of all text completely and the image appears to be moved to the left with both right & left sides cropped off. Graphics appear to be normal.

6. I downloaded two PDF utilities, Fineprint?s pdfFactory www.fineprint.com; and Dane Prairie?s Win2 PDF. http://www.daneprairie.com/. Both of these utilities produced Arch D size PDF?s, however both loose some details, such as patterns and hatches, which are both crucial to me. The ?Print patterns at on-screen resolution? box was checked.

7. After all I have stated above, Adobe Technical Support essentially told me that they could not help with my problem. As far as they are concerned it is a Vectorworks issue.

8. I can send you the completed PDF?s from all of these including VW?s as well as the file itself for analysis.

9. Lastly, but probably the most important, nearly every Reprographics shop in my area prefers to receive PDF?s to plot from because they cannot mess them up. They prefer not to receive .plt files, which I have also tried without success using their drivers. I live in Orange County, Southern California. I need to use PDF?s because I do not want the expense nor do I have the room for a plotter. Since I have a laser printer, I can check my work when needed. The extra cost & time of printing original sheets, and paying to have them PU?d & delivered just isn?t practical compared to emailing a zip file containing the sheets I need. I am a Design/Build Contractor, not a Reprographics shop. See the following link for further information. http://www.linetype.com/advice/comparison.htm

Sorry for the long post, it correlates to the frustration level [Frown]

Thank you,

Michael Heil

Heil Construction Services, Inc.

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Finally, I found the issue!

After going back to VW 8.52 to print my PDF's files out, I noticed that 8.52 uses the regular WinXP Pro print dialog box. Much simpler.

Ctrl-P for the print dialog > Preferences> Layout Tab> Advanced> Graphic> Print Quality - CHANGE TO 600dpi.

Printed from 8.52 to Adobe PDF (Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional) and it worked perfectly.

After finding that this worked I went to VW 10.1.2 - Ctrl-P for the print dialog > Made certain that the two Vectorworks boxes were checked (Enable special processing... & Print patterns at screen res.) >Properties> Layout Tab> Advanced> Graphic> Print Quality - CHANGE TO 600dpi. AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY!

I had read a post earlier about VW 9.5 not being able to print using Acrobat at 1200dpi (Printing to Adobe Acrobat 5.0, 6/17/03) and assumed that the 600dpi setting change to the Properties> Adobe PDF Conversion Settings> Edit> Resolution> 600dpi was what was required. As it turns out it is both settings.

What a relief, now I can get 4 jobs to the print shop.

Thank you Katie, for all of the correspondence in regards to this issue. It is ironic that you had already answered this problem over a month ago.



Michael Heil

Heil Construction Services, Inc.

[ 07-30-2003, 01:54 AM: Message edited by: MJHeil ]

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