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VW 10.1.2/OSX 10.2.6



I have recently discovered a printing problem in OS 10.2.6 which does not occur in OS 9.2.2. When I attempt to perform a "page set-up" or "print" a Vectorworks ver. 10 file in OS 10.2.6, Vectorworks quits unexpectedly. The very same file prints and behaves perfectly in OS 9.2.2 using VectorWorks 10.1.2.

While in OS 10.2.6, I can "export" the file as a VectorWorks ver. 9 file, quit VectorWorks, reopen the file, perform a "page set-up" and then save it again as a version 10 file and all seems to work fine. Unfortunately, this proceedure might involve several hundred files and I risk losing some of the features of version 10 files in the conversion. Is there another solution? ... or is my problem an isolated event?

I switch back and forth between OS9 and OS10, but I do not recall having this problem in earlier versions of OS10.

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The problem does not occur with new files, or new files created with VW10 templates, however, the problem does occur with a new file created with one of my own templates. This suggests a problem with my template file (and all files created from that template), but the template file works in OS9.2

I am using an Xante 8200 for the default printer (postscript tabloid size).

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