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Epson 1280 and Gimp Print and VectorWorks...


I'm not sure if this is a VectorWorks issue, Epson issue, Mac OS X issue, and/or Gimp Print issue....

but maybe someone here could shed some light on this:

I'm using: VectorWorks 9.5.3 on Mac OS 10.2.3, and printing to an Epson 1280. I have a number of computers sharing this printer.

I usually need to print my documents at 50%, on 12 x 18 paper, in landscape format.

The Epson 1280 doesn't list this paper size, and doesn't cooperate with printing VectorWorks documents on this size when it is set as a "custom size" (documents are rotated and only print partially.)

There is an updated driver for the 1280 that fixes this problem (by adding this paper size to the list), however it does not work for network printing, so I cannot use it. The updated driver that is available for network printing does not fix this issue.

So I downloaded Gimp Print and Ghost Writer, and encountered the following problems:

1. Documents printed from VectorWorks seem to be properly placed and scaled when I specify smaller page sizes, but when I specify 12 x 18 paper (or larger) I either get nothing printing at all, or I get the same old partial, rotated prints.

2. Fonts I used in VectorWorks get substituted with the wrong fonts when I print with Gimp Print.

I know that this is not a problem affecting only specific VectorWorks files, because I have created new files as test cases and have the same troubles.

So: does anybody know what the problems may be caused by, and what I could do to fix them?

Any help will be much appreciated!

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THe text problem could be linked to a bad font somewhere on the computer.

IF the printer is downloading the fonts to print and the font is bad or corrupted, then the font cannot print correctly resutling in stacked text or being substitued for a different font.

I strongy reccomend using Font Doctor to verify and repair fonts.

You can find Font Doctor at versiontracker.com

In Worksheets, all Adobe Type 2 fonts are substituded with the default system font due to an OS compatibility issue when printing these fonts.

Have you explained this problem with anyone at Gimp Print?

[ 05-23-2003, 09:33 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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