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Imported TIFF prints as solid grey box



I can't find a reference to this problem anywhere on the Tech Boards, but maybe someone can help...

I'm trying to print a drawing from Vectorworks 8.5.2 on a mac - the drawing consists of a single large imported TIFF file. When I print, I just get a solid grey box where the drawing should be. I see this box in print preview too, so the problem is upstream of the printer (I assume).

The image displays correctly on-screen, although the size of the TIFF makes scrolling a bit slower than usual. I have tried a TIFF with LZM compression, with/without transparency, etc.

Thanks for any help. Frank.

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(replying to my own question...) I found an answer from the helpful folks on the VectorWorks mailing list (hosted by Nemetschek). Here's the solution in case anyone else has the same problem:

Among several messages was a suggestion to keep the image size below 4000 pixels wide - I tried this and it worked.

Luckily, I didn't have to increase VW's memory, as was also suggested - I'm using VW in a university computing lab, so such settings are locked down.

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