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'Set Print Area' limits


I am trying to set the Print Area to a length greater than 2538mm which seems to be maximum length you can can select. Printer is a 1055c plotter and you adjust the paper size for whatever length you want(on a roll), but when you go and set the print area after it only goes across 2538mm. Typing in anything longer doesnt seem to work. I am using VW 8.5.2 on Windows ME.

Hope there is some solution


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You are limited to the length of paper size in VW. The printer may even have a limitation. I've seen some HP printers unable to print more than 6' long.

Here's the breakdown:

The page length and width are limited to short integer space. This means 32768 pixels. Pixels/dpi = inches, so this means

32768 /72dpi = 455 inches

32768 /300dpi = 109 inches

32768 /360dpi = 91 inches

32768 /600dpi = 54 inches

*Windows has a limit of 125 inches no matter what DPI you have it set to.

The above chart means that at 72 dpi you can print something 455 inches long on a mac.

At 300 DPI you can print 109"

360 DPI you can print 91"


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