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Missing Constraints palette

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I have just started using Spotlight 10.1 and have noticed that in the spotlight workspace I cannot get the constraints palette to display. If I switch to either the standard or classic workspace it will display and it will toggle on and off from the window menu. If I am in the spotlight workspace and I select the constraints palette, the check mark will show up in the menu but the palette is no where to be found. All the other palettes will work but not the constraints. In the morning I will check to see if it happens on the office machine. I am running Windows XP.

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Palettes can hide behind the OIP and RB if they are not docked .. likewise iwth other palettes.

Also, you can minimize palettes on windows by double clicking on the title bar of the palette. Make sure you haven't minimized the palette. If so, just double click on the palette's title bar and it will reappear.

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On both my home and office machine with no drawing open and no other palettes but the constraints checked, I have on the screen the top menu bar and nothing else but gray blankness. This only happens in the spotlight workspace. In the other workspaces the constraints palette will show up in the midst of the gray.

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Minimizing either the drawing window or the program does not make the constraints palette appear. I did some checking with the other palettes and the rendering palette does the same thing. It will toggle on and off in all the workspaces but the spotlight workspace. I can put the render bitmap tool in another palette and it will show up but not the rendering palette. The next step is to try a reinstall but I left the disk in the office.

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