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VW10, OSX, Toshiba eStudio



I can get other OSX-native programs (like Mail) to print 11x17 to our office's printer/copier, a Toshiba e-Studio45 Series PS3, but VW steadfastly refuses. It always worked fine with it in OS9, and it looks as if it's spooling. It will even print letter sized. But something about the 11x17. I double-checked, and the Pedestal Option is installed. I have no idea, but this is a big problem.

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Do you have any carbonized applications on the computer you can test print with?

What version of OS x are you using?

I can't find the e studio 45p on the toshiba website. All I see is the the 40p. Other printers that have a x5 version and a x0 version have both listed.

If you are using the estudio 40p driver with the 45p printer, have you checked with Toshiba to ensure it will work properly?

[ 03-19-2003, 11:19 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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OK, I downloaded a fresh driver, and it's the same one for the 45. Regardless, I can print tabloid from Mail, but now I can't even print Letter from VW. The error message flashes by quickly, but it's something to the effect of

error in sending PSStream...

Or, I get no error message and no printout.

I'll also be checking OSX boards.

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