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Page size limit in VW 9.5 on OS X?

Geoff Grummon


It seems that there is a limit to the size of the page that can be printed or made into a PDF with VW 9.5 on OS X. I am using the built-in PDF feature (File >> Print >> Save as PDF). I have found that if I make a PDF with a page size larger than about 55" wide the PDF comes out blank. The same thing is true if I save it as a postscript file and then run it through distiller. It is frustrating because this never was an issue with OS 9 and distiller. Other applications, such as Photoshop and Appleworks, have no problems creating PDFs with large page sizes, so it must be a VectorWorks bug.

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If you are getting a blank page, that's more likely memory related.

There is a limit to page size, but it's based on DPI.

The page length and width are limited to short integer space. This means 32768 pixels. Pixels/dpi = inches, so this means

32768 /72dpi = 455 inches

32768 /300dpi = 109 inches

32768 /360dpi = 91 inches

32768 /600dpi = 54 inches

That's the imaging implementation limit. The limit in the set print area dialog is just arbitrary.

Windows has a limit of 125 inches period, no matter what the DPI is.

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