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Castelle LANpresse Jr. MP



This tiny printer server seems to me to occupy the same niche as the JetDirect EX Plus. MicroSpot provided it with their pre-X-rip Graphic Pac drivers I have been using. I have an HP 350 C, (refurbished from Cadd Engineering Supplies in Minneapolis-excellent for $995) and a G4/400. Works great with VW 10 and OS 9.2 on an ethernet LAN. I want to go to Jaguar with Gimp print, etc. Has anyone got any eperience configuring this server. Castelle says the HP admin software will do it, but I have no experience doing this sort of thing or with windows; will Microspot's chooser software do it?. (Maybe the printer will just show up! optimist?)

Thanks for any comments.

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Stephen, I have the same print server, purchased same as you, from microspot w/ graphics pak, running an HP DesignJet 230. Switching to OS 10 was pretty easy. Remember to do all the recommended web updates from APPLE and others. It will take a little time to get used to, but, for me at least, it is a big improvement. To set up printing go to the GIMP PRINT FOR MAC OSX site and follow all the directions. Also, please read the prior post(s) in this section as they contain some relevant stuff. Unfortunately, it seems that your 350 is not currently supported by name, but GIMP PRINT suggests that you try the driver for a similar printer. I have only one minor problem which only occurs when I print from VW 10.0.1: The text in my worksheets changes to GENEVA. I have been working around this by saving my final set back to VW 9.5.3 and printing from that. Good luck and keep us posted! Peter Cipes, PBD, AIBD

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To Cipesdesign-

I'm about to make the transition and have no idea what to expect beyond your last post. I have been reading the LANpresse manual and talking to my local guru, but am curious. You say Jaguar will recognise the LANpresse Jr. What will I see? Does the serial number (CT.....) show up in the equivalent of CHOOSER, so all I have to do is select it?

A brief comment would be appreciated if you see this post. Thanks

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Yes, you are more or less on the right track. Chooser has been replaced in OS X with "print center". After you go to the GIMP PRINT site and follow ALL their instructions (don't forget that you need to download and install BOTH GHOSTSCRIPT and GIMPPRINT!) you will open your PRINT CENTER and ADD PRINTER. You will see the IP # ("CT....") in the pop up and select it. It is really easy if you just follow their (GIMPPRINT'S) instructions. I am on the road for a few days and then will be out of touch (out on the ocean) for 10 days or so. I will check back on the 13th or so, before I'm floating, and see how you;re doing. Peter

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