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Condensed text printing problems


Since upgrading to VW 9.x and 10.x a new print problem jump into my life - some plots got all the text messed up. In the effected prints it seems that the spaces between the characters got a negative value. Characters are printed one over the other with overlap. A line that should be 5 cm long is condensed into 1.5 cm.

Strange? Wait to the random factor. Since upgrading from VW 8.x this problem started to happen in different files and different sheets, inside the same file. Just yesterday I've printed 35 sheets from the same file, 33 where printed correct 2 of them returned from the print shop with the condensed lines.

The weird fact is yet to come: the fix for those 2 problematic prints was amazingly easy - just print them again. I didn't change any font, size or attribute regarding those texts. I didn't change anything in other parts of the drawing. I didn't change any of the preferences of the printer driver.

I know it sounds really bad, but I'm holding this post for 2 months just to get the regularity of this problem. Until know nothing. What I know are those facts:

1. It happened on HP plotters (1050 series, with different drivers used to print the files) positioned in print shops and on my office Epson 1520, connected directly to the net.

2. It happened on 9.X and 10.X. never on 8.X.

3. It happened on some sheets in a document while others where printed OK

4. It happened on different computers.

5. It happened with different fonts, sizes etc, and even on different languages.

6. I'm using XP System with 256 MB RAM.

7. It can take 30 to 40 plots that are going fine, and then suddenly the ghost awakes and I get the plots from the shop, with the condensed text.

8. Dimensions, call-outs, and text inside symbol or groups, are effected in the same way.

9. This problem is line oriented - the condensation effect, in paragraphs of text, is taking only the spaces inside the line (between characters, and words), but do not effect the correct spaces between the lines.

Some one saw this one? Some one knows how to deal with it?

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Hi all,

I have had the same problem with VectorWorks 10.1.2 printing text on "some" drawings backwards. There is nothing wrong with the fonts and nothing wrong with our HP 800ps plotter, so the fault must lie in VectorWorks and I think it does.

Some text prints perfect and some prints backwards even though they may be the same font and text size etc. The first way if found to get around the problem was to change the text with the problem to truetype polys. This will make the text a polygon and should print fine. Another way I found which I think further illustrates that VW, as the problem is if you select the text, which is printing wrong, and rotate it. You will find if rotated to an angle it will print perfect. Then if you rotate the text back to the correct angle it will print perfect?? Strange I know but it works.

I hope VW fix this problem soon as it might not happen all the time it is still quite tedious.


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First, update to VW 10.5.1. There were a few bug fixes in the versions between what you have and the final version of VW 10.

Second- what OS are you using?

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As the starte of this historic topic, I folows Katie suggestion - update. This problem WAS solved, and I didn't suffer from those symptoms for a long time.

Good luck

[ 01-05-2005, 07:28 AM: Message edited by: Yovav ]

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