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VW10, OS10.2 Prints Vanish into Ether



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Robin, you may have already tried this, but, try removing your driver from the printer list (in the print center) and then adding it back. Also (and you may want to try this first), there is a funny thing about OSX. You need to make sure that you select your printer in TWO places: first go to page set-up and make sure to change the generic "any printer" pull-down to your epson, then go to print and do basically the same thing. I hope one of these helps :-) Peter

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On Epson's website, the 1160 driver says it is only supported up to OS 10.1.

Please check with Epson to see if this printer is compatible with OS 10.2.

I have also seen problems between this printer and other printers in the print center.

To see if the Epson is conflicting with another printer, remove all printers. Set up the Epson 1160 only, then try to print.

Add the other printers one by one, testing between each to make sure they are all in working order.

From what I have researched, the Epson 1160 PPD file is not built into the OS 10.2 OS either.

[ 01-21-2003, 09:53 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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Katie, I have tried printing from half a dozen other applications and everything works normally, I have even tried the latest gimp printing system which again works normally with other applications but not Vectorworks.

Is there anything else I can try with Vectorworks to print to non p/s printers under system 10.2?

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If you switch to a different printer, then switch back to one of the printers mentioned, can you still not print?

We have a script that will strip a file's printer inforamtion. If you send me an email so I know where to send the file to, I can send the file to you.

I have a feeling it's the printer information that is stored rather than the printer not being able to print.

Comparing VW printing results to some other applications is not always a good test. VW has a different printing structure than alot of applications since we are compatible between PC's and Macs with both versions being inside the same application.

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