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Truss in 3D


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In Spotlight 9:

Configure the truss.

Go into a 3D view.

Select the truss and ungroup and regroup.

This change the truss from a PIO to a simple Group, so you will no be able to change parameters any longer.

You can now use the 3D rotate tool to rotate the truss.

In Spotlight 10:

Check the Draw3D Only box on the IOP.

Grab the 3D rotate tool and rotate the truss.

You can reconfigure the truss even after it has been rotated.

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Hmm -- That is what I figured, but I still don't see how you are saying to do it. The two boxes I see are "Show 3D Detail" and "Highlight". Lets make sure I am on the right track here... I inserted truss, modified truss length/width/etc. Then click on the truss section and go to the Object Info Palette... But that is as far as I could get... I couldn't find the check box you guys were talking about. Am I doing somthing wrong?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The original question was about curved truss. With Straight Truss, there is a "Hanging Angle" parameter that controls the tilt of the truss, 90 will stand the truss on end. "Rotation" will cause the truss to spin on it's axis.

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I also create simple extruded squares that have the same dimesions as the truss i am ultimately going to use. Simply shaped symbols that reprent complex truss are faster to work with and easier to look at while spinning around in 3D, and can have bold colors representing their length.

Once everything is in place either use 'replace symbol' under properties and replace with the detailed truss symbol. Or 'edit' the symbol and swap the simple shape for the detailed truss.

3D rotation etc.. should stay the same.

This approach is handy for all hybrid objects that are trickier to rotate in 3D.

Hope this helps

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