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VW Architect Prints, but VW Architect 9.0.1 does NOT??

Vik Asrani


Hi All

I am using a Mac G3 with VW Architect 9.0.1. This version is from an upgrade CD I got in the mail. With the original 9.0, printing to a Lexmark laser printer using Laserwriter8 is great. I verified this on an old machine I have lying around. 9.0 prints, 9.0.1 does not.

Upgrading to 9.0.1 somehow caused problems with the exact page setup settings. I see the ethernet print server light blink and the printer data light blink but nothing prints out. Is there a special setting that I have to change on 9.0.1 to make this work? What is the real benefit of using 9.0.1 comapred to 9.0? I might have to change back to 9.0 as the ability to print 8 1/2x 11 tests on a laser printer is too great to ignore. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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You should update VW to the current version, VW 9.5.2 or 9.5.3.

This was a problem in VW 901. You need to switch your current workspace to Standard to get it to print.

This was fixed in the next update, 9.5.0.

You can update via the support link on this webpage or requesting a CD from Customer Service via email at sales@nemetschek.net.

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Thanks for the earlier reply. I downloaded 9.5 and it works great for the laser printer but does not work at all for the DesignJet/Microspot plotting. Somehow the files are either corrupted or print solid black pages. With 9.0.1 i was able to see the file name on my print server. With 9.5(no changes in page setup) only my computer name shows up with some ref: number.

Does 9.5 have an update that fixes this? I even re-installed Microspot to see if that might work and it does not.

I dont want to have to switch between applications to do different kinds of plotting/printing.

Thanks for your help.


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Is the printer you are using optimized for Carbon Applications?

If the driver or PPD doesn't work with Carbon Applications, then you aren't going to be able to print from VW 9.5.0 and later.

It is possible there is a newer version of the driver/ppd file available to be compatible with OS 9 and carbon compatible applications. You may want to check on the manufactures website.

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I have inquired about this myself...the answer seems to be that if you are using OS9.x and MacPlot Pro you will have to upgrade to the latest version of MacPlot Raste to plot a carbon application (VW 9.5 and up. If you are using OS10x you will need the Microspot X-rip driver.

There is a discount cost for upgrades and using VW, but the discount is not much.



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