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Haven't had to print prints on anything but my over-sized laser before. One client near Dallas needs larger format prints. Any advice on locating someone to whom I can email a file and have large-format prints produced for pickup by client? Obviously it has to be someone familiar with VW.

Suggestions on the ins and outs of doing this?


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Actually, if your drawing is not in a rendered view with RenderWorks, you can have any service bureau download the VW Viewer. This allows you to send your drawing to them, all they need to do is go to File Page setup and then File Print.

It's going to be hard to find a bureau that is familiar with VectorWorks. You might be better off just asking one if they would download the Viewer, or if you can use ps, plt or prn files. These are print file you create, send to them, and they output them to the printer.

Every bureau is going to operate differently.

We have a list of service bureau's in various area's on our webpage under the support link.


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There are kinkos just about everywhere. We have used our local kinkos for rush jobs that were too big for our plotter and when our service bureau had a backlog. They did fine. Ours had a large format digital printer that did the trick. Our local kinkos even had a CD with all of their PPDs on it. I was pretty surprised. I think that most of their devices are native postscript and don't require a software RIP like many plotters at service bureaus do.

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